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「exemplar-based approaches to the lexicon」

「Especially for compounds, a coherent pattern emerges for how probabilistic rules may work in languages」

「the probability distribution of the possible choices given the modifier appears to be the key predictor」

「recently several labs have reported frequency effects for sequences of words」

「sequences of four words in an immediate recall task」

「There are hundreds of millions of different sequences of word pairs, word triplest, quadruplets, etc.」

「from corpus-derived co-occurrence matrices, in our case co-occurrence matrices derived from 11,172,554 two and three-word phrases (comprising in all 26,441,155 word tokens)」

「the Naive Discriminative Reader」

「there is only one forward pass of activation」

「its weights are not set by hand, but are derived from corpus input.」

「Mixed effects modeling 」

「the lme4 package of Douglas Bates provides a flexible toolkit for R.」

「a `real’ experiment is not a factorial experiment but a regression experiment.」