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JSLS2021 (preview trial)


The 22nd Annual International Conference of

the Japanese Society for Language Sciences (JSLS)



Venue: Online, Hosted by Okinawa International University


Day 1: June 5, Saturday


9:00-9:30      Log in to Zoom

9:30~9:40     Opening Ceremony     



Individual Paper Session 1: Morphology, phonology, & language processing    9:40~11:05  

Chair: TBA     

9:40~10:05    Argument Realization Flexibility in the Japanese sase Causative

 Shinnosuke Isono (University of Tokyo)

10:10~10:35   Loan Adaptation: a Corpus Study of Sino-Japanese Kan-on Onsets

Huinan Zeng (University of Oxford)

10:40~11:05   Effect of Shadowing Training on Phonological Awareness Development:

                       Difference in Auditory-Sequential Learners and Visual Spatial Learners

Kaoruko Takechi (Kindai University), Takeshi Kohama (Kindai University), 

Keiko Hattori (Kindai University) & Hisashi Yoshida (Kindai University)



Individual Paper Session 2: Pragmatics & semantics  9:40~11:05    

Chair: TBA     

9:40~10:05     Grice’s Maxim of Quantity to Guide Scaler Inference without Scalar Term Some

Tetsuya Yasuda (Tokyo Denki University), Masami Ikeda (Jumonji University), 

Keiko Itoh (Jumonji University), Sayako Masuda (Keio University) &

Harumi Kobayashi (Tokyo Denki University)

10:10~10:35    The Relevance of the Effortful Actions in Making Inferences of the Speaker’s

                         Intended Meaning

Oga Kobori (Tokyo Denki University), Tesuya Yasuda (Tokyo Denki University) &

Harumi Kobayashi (Tokyo Denki University)

10:40~11:05    Accomplishment Identification Under the Event-Script Homomorphism Model:

                        A Cross-Linguistic Study

Yingyi Luo (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences) &

Xiaoqian Zhang (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)


11:05~11:15     Break  


11:15~12:45     Symposium      

         Language Policy and Experimental Research on the Endangered Truku Language

Chair:   Manami Sato (Okinawa International University)

Discussant:   William O’Grady (University of Hawaiʻi)

Presenters:   Apay Ai-yu Tang (National Dong Hwa University)

                     Hajime Ono (Tsuda University)

                   Masataka Yano (Tokyo Metropolitan University)

                    Manami Sato (Okinawa International University)



12:45~13:30    Lunchtime & JSLS Board Meeting



13:30~15:00    Keynote Lecture   

         Language Endangerment and Language Revitalization in East Asia:  

         The Role of Experimental Linguistics

 Chair:    Manami Sato (Okinawa International University)

Lecturer:   William O’Grady (University of Hawaiʻi)


15:00~15:10     Break


15:10~16:30     Poster Session 1: Language processing, morphology, phonology, pragmatics,

                         psycholinguistics, semantics, & sociolinguistics


1.   Can I be gay and Christian?”: Intersectionality of Religious and Sexual Identity

Arisa Koba (Kobe City University of Foreign Studies)

2.   日本語におけるかな漢字の表記ゆれとその傾向の調査

佐藤陽  (Satoama Language Services)  & ケビン・へファナン(関西学院大学)

3.  「せんえつ」と「ぶしつけ」の用法


4.   Phonological Opacity Blocks the Frequency Effect: Evidence from Spoken Japanese

Kevin Heffernan (Kwansei Gakuin University) &

Yo Sato (Satoama Language Services)

5.   Why Did Demon Slayer (鬼滅の刃) Become Popular?: A Text Mining Approach

Ming-Che Hsieh (Tohoku University)

6. 「それな」の「それ」を解釈するための語用論的メカニズムについて


7.   中国語存在表現のアスペクトに関する考察


8.   なぜ日本のマナー啓発ポスターにはキャラクターや駄洒落が多いのか


 Jungah Choi(金沢大学)


16:30~16:40     Break  

Individual Paper Session 3: L2 acquisition (English)  16:40-18:35  

Chair: TBA       

16:40~17:05   Telling a “Good” Story in a Foreign Language: Referential Strategies in L2 Narratives

                       by Japanese Learners of English

Keiko Nakamura (Meikai University)

17:10~17:35   The Development of L2 English Learners’ Interlanguage: Toward the Unlearning of

                       Null Objects

Mika Kizu (Notre Dame Seishin University) &

Kazumi Yamada (Kwansei Gakuin University)

17:40~18:05   Visual Perception of Vertical Motions Improves Valence Word Learning

Sho Akamine (California State University),

Akari Omine (Okinawa International University),

Tsuyoshi Kohatsu (Okinawa International University),

Keiyu Niikuni (Niigata Seiryo University) &

Manami Sato (Okinawa International University)

18:10~18:35   L2 Acquisition of the English Count-Mass Distinction by Japanese and Spanish


Neal Snape (Gunma Prefectural Women’s University),

Mari Umeda (Gunma Prefectural Women’s University) &

Hironobu Hosoi (Gunma Prefectural Women’s University)



Individual Paper Session 4: Pragmatics & language education (English & Japanese) 16:40-17:35  

Chair: TBA

16:40~17:05    Can Pointing Gesture Fulfill Null Arguments?

Daiki Hagiwara (Tokyo Denki University), Tetsuya Yasuda (Tokyo Denki University) &

Harumi Kobayashi (Tokyo Denki University)

17:10~17:35    漢字の構成上の複雑性の主観的感覚の特徴

ヴォロビヨワ・ガリーナ (Kyrgyz Japanese Teachers Association)


Day 2: June 6, Sunday


9:00-9:30     Log in to Zoom



Individual Paper Session 5: L1 & L2 acquisition (Japanese)  9:30~10:55  

Chair:  TBA            

9:30~9:55        日本語母語児の動詞項構造の獲得におけるインプットの役割

加山裕子  (University of Manitoba) &

大嶋百合子 (McGill University & University of Victoria)

10:00~10:25    子どもの語彙カテゴリーの発達と養育者の言語入力

小椋たみ (大阪総合保育大学)&  浜辺直子(大阪総合保育大学)

10:30~10:55 中国人日本語学習者が日本語文を読む際の眼球運動


(広島大学)& 柳本 大地(広島大学)



Individual Paper Session 6: L2 acquisition (English)  9:30~10:55 

Chair:  TBA            

9:30~9:55        Perspective-Taking in Adult Japanese-Language Learners’ Storytelling Styles

 Masahiko Minami (San Francisco State University)

10:00~10:25    Lexical Semantic and Prosodic Interruption During L2 Syntactic Parsing

  Jeonghwa Shin (Korea Military Academy)

10:30~10:55    Korean EFL Learners’ Interpretive Preferences in the Comprehension of Focus

                       Ambiguity Regarding Additive Focus Particle Also

      Soyoung Kim (Tongmyong University)


10:55~11:05     Break


11:05~12:35     Forum       

         Different Approaches to Second Language Acquisition:

In the Case of Korean Learners of English

Chair:   Makiko Hiakawa (Chuo University)

Discussant:   Takaaki Suzuki (Kyoto Sangyo University)

                                                                      Presenters:    Kitaek Kim (Seoul National University)

                   On-Soon Lee (Sunchon National University)

                   Il Jae Lee (Kwangwoon University)

                   Hye-ryeong Hahn (Seowon University)


12:35~13:30   Break    


12:35~13:30   Lunchtime     

(12:45~13:05   General Meeting ) 


13:30~14:50   Poster Session 2: L1 & L2 acquisition & language education   


1.  「名詞句+格助詞・後置詞」が最初に現れる関係代名詞節の幼児の理解について

  目黒美帆(お茶の水大学)& 山腰京子(お茶の水大学)

2.  Tense/Aspect and Verb Morphology in a Japanese-English Simultaneous Bilingual

Akiyo Fukatsu (Rikkyo University)

3.  作動記憶容量が日本語文のリピーティング時における 処理と保持に及ぼす影響



4.  日本語の省略文に関する子どもの解釈について

末吉薫子(お茶の水大学)&  山腰京子(お茶の水大学)

5.  第二言語において他者表情が多義文の解釈に及ぼす影響




6.  Maternal and Paternal Interactions with their Preschool Children in Shared Book-Reading

 Hiroko Kasuya (Bunkyo Gakuin University) & Kayoko Uemura (Bunkyo Gakuin University)


7.  Learning New Meanings for Known L2 Words: The Effect of Word Form Familiarity on

     Learning Processes

                                                              Masako Fujita & Noriko Hoshino (Tsuda University)

8.   CLIL で繋ぐ異文化理解留学生・日本人学生の空手と日本文化合同授業について

Barry Kavanagh(東北大学)

9.   Making Sense of the Dots in Computer-Mediated Discourse: To What Extent Do L1 and L2

      Recipients Differ?

Enid Lee (Okinawa International University)

10.  ピア・ラーニングにおける関係性の変容とそのあり方についての一考察


11. Tripartite Code-Switching in Classroom Discourse:

       A Case Analysis of Japanese Foreign Language Classroom in China

Kanae Obata (Tsinghua University)

12. The Effect of Role Plays on Primary School EFL Students’ Perceptions of English Speaking


Imee B. Gabuyo (Sookmyung Women’s University) &

Nam-joon Kang (Sookmyung Women’s University)


14:50~15:00   Break    

Individual Paper Session 7: L1 acquisition (English)  15:00~16:25  

Chair: TBA

15:00~15:25   How Do Japanese-Speaking Children Learn to Say Un, a Japanese Discourse Marker?

Tomoko Tatsumi (Kobe University) & Giovanni Sala (Fujita Health University)

15:30~15:55   Is Anti-Identity in Adults’ Data Replicated in Children’s in the Case of the Korean


Youngran An (KC University)

16:00~16:25   First Language Acquisition of Chinese Discourse Marker Wo Juede

Chung-Yu Wu (National Taiwan Normal University)

(16:30-16:55   Back-up session time 1)

(17:00-17:25   Back-up session time 2)



 Individual Paper Session 8: Sociolinguistics & discourse (Japanese) 15:00~15:55  

Chair: TBA

15:00~15:25   ノンフォーマル教育と地方農村部における女性の言語社会化



15:30~15:55   ナラティブ・スペース理論に基づく物語の視点構造と時制表現の日英語対照


井関 颯月 東京大学)& 藤井 聖子(東京大学)

(16:00~16:25   Back-up session time 3)

(16:30~16:55   Back-up session time 4)

(17:00~17:25   Back-up session time 5)

16:25*   Closing Ceremony      

             *The time is subject to change, depending on whether there is any paper presentation in the

               back-up session time.